rely on a witness statement, or have video stored in the cloud?

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Historic Video

Request historic video from your browser. All our cameras are 4G, so you never have to wait, or physically retrieve an SD card or hard drive again

Video Events

You decide what’s important, it could be a crash, a panic alarm, and see all your ‘Camera Events’ live. For peace of mind or a fast emergency response, 4G connectivity brings the video to your browser in seconds.


For a real feeling of command and control, open your browser and view what’s happening in real-time.

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All the features you'd expect from a telematics company

Vine Telematics was a vehicle tracking and telematics company first, but now you can overlay video to solve problems in real-time.

Geo-Fencing Alerts

Detailed Journey Reports

Custom Filtering

Real-time Status Updates

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Access from any device, anywhere.

With Vine Telematics, managing your fleet has never been easier. Our technology provides a sense of security and frees your schedule at the same time.

Easy Mobile Onboarding

We set out to make the mobile onboarding experience as easy as possible. Start controlling your business from your phone today.

Near-Desktop Experience

Our mobile application is as close as possible to having the same features and functionality as our web app, making it extremely powerful.

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There are always three versions of history...

Your version, their version, and the truth. With 4G video from Vine, you’ll have the truth in video form, stored in the Google Cloud Platform. Grab us for a 15-minute discovery session to take it further


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