Why you should use Vehicle CCTV in your business transport

Vehicle CCTV has come a long way in the last 5 years.  CCTV used day to day has moved a stage further and become mobile.  With roads becoming busier and more congested vehicle CCTV will help any company reduce costs, helps the driver and saves lives.

The normal setup is 1 x forward facing camera, 2 x side cameras and 1 x rear.  All 4 cameras will be recording to 2 x SD cards.  These will record up to 5 days’ worth of recording before over writing themselves.

We fit a 7” in cab monitor which for added safety shows the driver the near side (for cyclists) then the rear when placed into reverse.

With traffic as it is today I would want my drivers to have as many driver aids as possible. This is why you should use Vehicle CCTV.

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