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Why Vehicle CCTV helps reduce cost linked to Blind spots

Reversing and Manoeuvring Incidents

For both fleet and private vehicles a huge proportion of accidents occur when vehicles are reversing, or manoeuvring with limited vision. These costs can be significantly reduced with the use of vehicle safety systems. Primarily, a robust reversing camera system such as a DVR system with an LCD screen will greatly improve visibility in problem blind spot areas. This is very beneficial for all types of vehicles including; HGVs, LGVs, light commercials and even domestic vehicles. Proximity sensors, located at the rear and sides of a vehicle, also help to guard against vehicle damage. This may be when parking, reversing or manoeuvring large vehicles in tight spaces.

Personal Injury Claims

So how does this make sense? Well the good news is accidents rates are falling. However, it appears that the number of false claims is rising rapidly, and the amount of people choosing to seek compensation for personal injury is also on the increase. This makes recording your vehicles activity a rather wise move. In the event of an accident, we want you to have evidence of any impacts, vehicle speed, driver behaviour, road conditions and more. Additionally, it is useful to have proof of exactly who was involved in the accident. This limits false personal injury claims against the fleet.

Claims Against you

With vehicle camera systems we defend fleets against spurious allegations, from parties whose vehicles may (or may not) have been damaged. Vine can offer a solution that will store accurate GPS data to prove vehicle location and speed at the time of any incident or accident.

Driving Improvement.

It’s proven that drivers will adapt and improve their driving style knowing when they are being recorded. Even if the effect is unconscious, vehicles become statistically safer with a system from VT Telematics & CCTV on board.


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