Fitting your vehicle with a vehicle CCTV camera system solution could save you or your business thousands every year. Vehicle owners and especially fleet companies are being targeted every single day by criminal gangs in the UK. The gangs stage fake road accidents so they can make false insurance claims against you and your company.

Two Channel Camera £360.00 + fitting
Benefits of vehicle camera’s

• Driver & Passenger safety
• Increased driver awareness
• Reduced insurance premiums
• Reduced vehicle depreciation
• Stop false insurance claims

Vehicle camera’s provide high quality, CCTV images of your vehicles, assets and employees. The system can provide instant playback or the facility to later review. When combined with VT Telematics & CCTV it is an end to end monitoring solution that protects your staff, your assets and your reputation.

  • An economically viable system to see where your vehicles and assets are 24/7 with video monitoring and live GPS location
  • Enables you to react immediately to events and to intervene in real time to protect your staff and company
  • Improves the health and safety protection of your staff by enabling live monitoring of their working environment
  • Can reduce or prevent fraudulent claims against the company by providing video and audio evidence
  • Provides information and evidence to assist with staff training and development
  • Saves business cost by removing the need for other mobile phones, vehicle location and voice communication systems