Do you need vehicle tracking and asset monitoring?

If your business utilises vehicles as a daily part of doing work activities, then you will certainly experience real benefits from using VT Telematics & CCTV, GPS Asset Tracking.

The ability to precisely track the location of your company vehicles and the data-gathering capabilities of quality GPS solutions provide proven benefits that ultimately increase your bottom line. VT Telematics & CCTV GPS asset tracking installs efficiencies into your business that will reduce costs while increasing the ability of your company to do more business at a higher level of customer satisfaction.


While the benefits of GPS vehicle tracking and asset monitoring are well documented, here at VT Telematics & CCTV we understand that both the finical commitment and choosing a GPS solution can be challenging. VT Telematics & CCTV has solved both of these ‘headaches’. VT Telematics & CCTV has developed a strong partnership with a leading financial arm, as well as developing a simple information sheet that gives you all the facts on GPS to answer some of those tough thoughts and questions. Vine and existing customers feel that, the VT Telematics & CCTV software serves your business long term and make the installation/set-up of any equipment/software be a relatively simple process.


  • Precise, Minute-by-Minute Tracking: No need to contact a member of staff again to see their whereabouts.
  • Traffic Reporting: This helps ensure your staff spend more time on the job and less time stuck in traffic.
  • Monitors Idle Times and Engine Status: Knowing how long your vehicles idle and when they are actually in operation is imperative to reduce wasted time.
  • Management Reports and Alerts: VT Telematics & CCTV GPS solution has a variety of reporting functions to provide easy access to data gathered by the system. Vines reliable GPS tracking provides immediate alert notifications when drivers deviate from settings you set, including entering restricted areas.
  • Automated Time sheets: let VT Telematics & CCTV generate your Time sheet each day, week or month
  • Historical Reporting: The ability to view historical information in key metrics such as idling, mileage, average speed and engine-on time will enable you to compare drivers to each other, ensuring that they are meeting your companies expectations.