The Challenge:

The goals of this solution were to offer a large number of tractor units with a 4 channel Vehicle CCTV solution. The customer was given monies from their insurance company to help provide a solution that would answer a lot questions, on the high number of 50/50 claims, each year claimed by MJD.

The Solution:

The solution itself evolved, once all parties had met and set targets on the information & data they needed to stop, high amount of claims. The agreement between all parties set these as the key objectives:

  1. Protection from wrongful or increased insurance claims
    With ever rising insurance costs, MJD, insurance company and broker needed ways to cut down their premium’s and reduce their risk. By having a 4 channel CCTV Vehicle Camera System, gives clear evidence on the cause of the accident or incident, this is particularly important if the driver did not cause the accident.
    For more serious accidents, the video footage can also be used as evidence in court, if there is any doubt over the cause of an accident, helping you to protect your driver from malicious claims.
  2. To prevent theft/damage of vehicle or goods
    The technology agreed is perfect for MJD’s drivers to help them drive more safely. Both internal and external CCTV Vehicle Camera Systems can help with blind spot activity and provide reversing aids by giving the driver a live feed of everything around them, including people or other cars. This is a feature that most drivers value especially those in large trucks or vans.
  3. Driver and vehicle monitoring for unwanted behaviour
    Management of drivers of when they think you can’t see? CCTV Vehicle Camera Systems needed to help monitor driver behaviour and activity. This allows for drivers behaviour to be recorded for training purposes as well as, behaviours of drivers will all impact on the company’s reputation. In addition bad driving habits can increase wear and tear of the vehicles and increase fuel usage.

Using this three key targets the solution was to have three of the camera’s viewing the vehicles position but also have one camera recording the drivers position, as testing of the system underlined a clear improvement of vehicle performance, if the driver was recorded, so that training was underpinned by video footage.