The Challenge:

It, as always started with a frantic phone call explains the incident and finished with the question “what can you do?”  The MD from Croome who business is Trans European logistics, had an incident whereupon a driver found 15 illegal immigrants in the back of a box trailer. As you can imagine the fines associated with the risk of not finding the persons and trying to cross the borders.

The Solution:

Vine as a company had already built the relationship with Croome, due to them having a 4 channel DVR vehicle CCTV system that covers the outside of the vehicle 360 degrees! The newest business need of having two more cameras added so they could have one camera internally in each of the two box trailer’s. Croome was facing the potential of changing all their fleet from 4 channel DVR system to an 8 channel, very shortly after the completion of the fleet.

As Vine, never like to shy away from a challenge, the thinking caps where placed upon the heads! The challenge become to offer a solution that continues to record the outside but allows the drivers to look inside the box trailers without putting the drivers at risk.

The answer was to add the extra camera’s to a portable cable, upgrade the Suzie line and change the screen from a single digital input to a three digital input! This option allowed for fast upgrades and cost effective solution.