The Challenge:

Brookland transport is a company that offer to transport, Construction plant, access machines, highways and rail maintenance equipment and including monster plant that makes up abnormal loads.

Within these deliveries, come a lot of legislation, rules and procedures on the different sites to gain access. Working with Brookland already they came to Vine to offer a solution that meets all these site access issues and wanted to achieve FORS, CLOCS and Crossrail.

The Solution:

Vine began to look into the differing requirements to meet the standards of FORS, CLOCS & Crossrail to offer differing products that can meet the above accreditations. We quickly find a level of hardware that in short meets all the three organisations requirements, which was a 360 degree, 4 channel camera system that records. The system also includes a monitor in-cab to act as a driver aid.

Please contact Vine on 01708 681180, if you wish to discuss the hardware that help support Brookland.

Client feedback:

“In order to comply with FORS, CLOCS and Crossrail requirements for LGV’s we opted to install a CCTV system from VT Telematics & CCTV. The system installed has front, nearside, offside and rear cameras all visible on a screen in the cab.

As compliant to run throughout London we have picked up a number of new customers, which has in itself paid for the CCTV install.

However another huge benefit to the company is that we have been able to significantly reduce company costs for damage to vehicles when the incidents were not the fault of our drivers. Providing CCTV evidence of incidents to third parties has resulted in payouts from them for damage caused to our vehicles.”

Jules Fraser  MBCS CITP
Brookland Transport Servcies LTD