The popularity of using Vehicle CCTV surveillance cameras

The popularity of using Vehicle CCTV surveillance cameras has increased tremendously over the past few years. These devices are no longer limited to buildings or large companies and can be easily purchased from a wide variety of companies.

Vehicle cameras have several features and advantages, which mainly depend on the price being paid. However even the basic of systems allows the owners to support any incident, in terms of fault! More complex systems also allow the user to view live data through the usage of Wi-Fi or 3G networks, to help mitigate high risk situations.

So Why Do Vine Offer Vehicle CCTV Hardware?

Most companies have seen increases in their insurance premiums over the last few years, due to 50/50 claim splits and possible fraudulent claims through gangs or even the culture of “where’s there a blame, there’s a claim & No win no fee”, and with insurance companies paying out on whiplash injuries on very low speed impacts!

With vehicle CCTV not only will you stop the 50/50 split decision’s you will also be able to record damages to other vehicles and persons post incident, so there is reduced risks of the other parties claiming more damages, through CCTV images.

This is why VT Telematics & CCTV Ltd, has started an online shop! Vine has sourced Vehicle CCTV at very competitive prices, which have proven very popular with existing customers! The online shop has given Vine another medium to sell robust CCTV hardware, without having to increase costs.

Vehicle CCTV is proven to be one of the best investments for businesses, as current customers are starting to see their insurance premiums fall, when most are increased year on year.

So if you have been affected by insurance premium increases or want to offer a high customer service level, have a look at the Vine Shop and give us some feedback!

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