Pay as you go vehicle tracking for SME Businesses

I think we can all agree that times are hard now. Businesses are finding it harder and harder to expand their businesses or simply improve their businesses due to the lack of cash flow. The banks are not lending to the SME businesses as no one wants to take on the risk. It is a crying shame that SME businesses are being pushed into liquidation by banks not funding their cash flow or large businesses and their excessive payment terms. We have all experienced the bank refusing us a temporary overdraft or a loan due to not enough banking history with a SME business.

I have decided at Vine that we will help SME businesses by us taking the risk and the upfront costs of vehicle tracking. I have been asked by my own staff why would we take the risk and its simple. I believe that customers who are unsure of the benefits of GPS vehicle tracking and the savings it can make to a SME business to out way the cost.

We offer vehicle tracking on a pay as you go service. This package gives the SME customer a full telematics service with 60 second updates and tailor made reports. The best part of the package is that the customer has NO CONTRACT ,NO UPFRONT COSTS and a web service with complete maintenance for the duration of the package. This will allow the SME customers to see and believe the benefits that vehicle tracking will achieve for their business. The benefits are not just fuel as a lot of SME customers are led to believe. It’s a lot more of a management tool that allows customers to manage and make their assets more productive.

This is why I have taken the risks with the upfront costs, as 99% of the customers taking Vine’s Vehicle Tracking do not cancel within the first 12 months. They move over to a longer contract with lower costs.

If you are interested in taking advantage of our pay as you go tracking then contact us for more details.

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