‘Crash for Cash’ Scammers

The Freight Transport Association (FTA) has warned commercial vehicle drivers to watch out for ‘crash for cash’ criminals, and is also encouraging fleet operators to take measures to protect their business, as reports of “cash for crash” incidents increase by 50% over the past year (read more >>).

According to recent motor insurer reports – 865 dishonest motor insurance claims are being made every week, worth £10.4m.

‘Crash for Cash’ scammers are targeting commercial vehicles, as van and HGV drivers are considered “easy prey” by the crooks. This can be avoided by the installation of in- vehicle CCTV.

Don Armour, FTA manager of fleet information, said: ‘Regretfully it is becoming more essential for freight operators to rely on security equipment and devices to defend their position in court, and ensure security of their drivers. These ‘crash for cash’ incidents are yet another obstacle for professional drivers to contend with in their day to day work, but security equipment is another tool in their armoury to combat this sort of criminality.’

Armour continued: ‘FTA is recommending to its members that they should be aware of the “crash for cash” opportunists, and that they must take all measures possible to avoid being scammed.  They should inform their drivers of these sorts of crimes; take measures to avoid these type of incidents; and install security equipment including forward facing cameras where appropriate.’

If you have experienced a “crash for cash” or see the benefits of protecting yourself against the risk of “crash for cash” please give us a call at Vine on 01708 681180.

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