Vine’s Consultancy Solutions

Whatever type of fleet you operate it is essential to have good visibility of one of your most valuable assets – your workforce.

Vine’s  Consultancy Solutions are suitable for all types of businesses we help manage fleets of personal or company vehicles. Giving full training and using detailed minute-by-minute data from Vine’s tailored tracking application which allows you to control and manage your business.


VT Telematics & CCTV Consultancy services – maximise the Return on Investment through streamlining business and integrated operational management.Vine’s consultancy services addresses carbon emissions and environmental awareness that has been a major concern for all business across the globe. It is our aim to educate and help businesses reduce their companies carbon footprint and help sustain a more eco friendly environment.In 2010, 95 companies from the FTSE 100 voluntarily participated in the Carbon Disclosure Project, the medium through which the world’s leading companies share their climate change strategy and measurement metrics. As a result of shareholder pressure, companies are committed to reporting on its strategy to improve the fuel economy fleet globally.Combined with general environmental concerns, investors will be aware of the new Climate Change Act. The Secretary of State must make regulations – under the Companies Act – on the reporting of emissions from any activities that a company is responsible for; these new rules must be in place by April 2012. Shareholders believe that this will have a significant financial impact on corporations and argue that by planning now, emission efficient organisations will be rewarded with higher valuations and access to lower cost capital.In order to assess the impact of carbon emissions, it is important to have visibility, measurement and reporting of carbon performance and our strategic consultative approach to the integration of telematics solutions captures data to inform and enable strategic decision-making.

Vine are working together with our customers to plan for the Climate Change Act and comply by April 2012.

System Configuration-
Vine’s solutions is extremely user friendly, without losing its professional configuration. This service provides expertise to structure your system to reflect your own working practices.

Strategic Consultancy-
Identifies business performance against a set of defined KPIs and works alongside the VT Telematics & CCTV Solution.
Vine offer a wide range of solutions to accommodate the UK’s market place.We recently introduced the “Pay as you go scheme” to help SME business that don’t have the cash flow to spend on Telematics and commit to a long term contract. We believe by offering our customers the “Pay as you go scheme” it will only enhance our reputation as a company that trust its customers to stay the distance in an economic crisis

HR & Compliance, and Training
Vine employs fully qualified HR professionals, who can provide advice on the integration of telematics within a business environment. This includes;, driver briefings and protocols, contractual changes. Vine’s team have had first-hand experience, as end-users, of the communication process.

Strategic Management Training
Management – Vine  advise and train senior directors on managing and interpretation telematics from a data management prospective. This examines the impact on an enterprise from a strategic compliance, cost and customer service perspective.
Our dedicated training courses can be tailored to suit individual business requirements. The training can be conducted either on or off-site, where we provide detailed and focused courses to allow you to access the specific information you require from the product to deliver Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for your business.
Value added benefits to your business
Vine’s consultancy team assist in top-level  decision making through the provision of in-depth analysis of your operations to ensure business objectives are met
HR and compliance recommendations to provide complete control on legislative obligations
Personalised training packages designed to suit specific business requirements throughout implementation to identify business performance against a set of defined KPIs and highlight ineffective areas