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Why Vehicle CCTV helps reduce cost linked to Blind spots

Reversing and Manoeuvring Incidents For both fleet and private vehicles a huge proportion of accidents occur when vehicles are reversing, or manoeuvring with limited vision. These costs can be significantly reduced with the use of vehicle safety systems. Primarily, a robust reversing camera system such as a DVR system with an LCD screen will greatly […]

‘Crash for Cash’ Scammers

The Freight Transport Association (FTA) has warned commercial vehicle drivers to watch out for ‘crash for cash’ criminals, and is also encouraging fleet operators to take measures to protect their business, as reports of “cash for crash” incidents increase by 50% over the past year

The popularity of using Vehicle CCTV surveillance cameras

The popularity of using Vehicle CCTV surveillance cameras has increased tremendously over the past few years. These devices are no longer limited to buildings or large companies and can be easily purchased from a wide variety of companies. Vehicle cameras have several features and advantages, which mainly depend on the price being paid. However even […]

New Website

Its been almost two years since we last gave our website a major new look! What do you think? Vine have decided to update its website due to feedback from our existing customers, so thank you and I hope you like the changes. Obviously there was other reasons to the changes but please give us […]