Telematics is increasingly seen as a business critical tool to help businesses reduce operational expense, raise efficiency, customer service levels and aid legislative compliance. VT Telematics & CCTV offer solutions that combined, with established technologies from global positioning systems (GPRS), machine-to-machine communication, digital mapping and hosted applications to enable customers to streamline operations, maximise the utilisation of mobile assets and ensure that you operate at peak performance at a low cost.

Vine’s approach is to provide continual and unequaled customer service to our customers and partners.

Vine’s Financial Security

  • Established in 2005 Vine has a proven track-record of delivery within the telematics market
  • Global experience and insight through extensive expertise in telematics from UK based technology
  • Solid financial security firmly secures Vine’s position with partnerships with UK manufacturers
  • Vine’s Financial agility to further invest and develop in the future of our product portfolio and partnerships
  • Highly respected in telematics industry as a leader in new development at a low cost
  • Operates cross-industry from large multi site businesses to the SME market place

Vine’s ability to switch to a back up platform

  • Vine are held in high regard within our UK manufacturer strategic partnerships
  • Vine provide flexibility in our approach to be able to offer a backup platform to our customers with no extra costs
  • Offer a fully tailored solution for our strategic customers to meet individual requirements
  • Consultative approach to mirror our partnerships specific methodology

Vine’ Solutions

  • Vines customer base is drawn from some of the world’s leading brands
  • We supply end-to-end 100% web-hosted applications, available 24/7 from anywhere in the world
  • Committed Development Team to ensure Vines Telematics platform runs to its full potential
  • Vines track record of experience has lead to industry changing its approach on contract renewal
  • Offer a “Pay as you go” scheme to help small SME businesses reduce  their cost without committing to long term contracts
  • Vine’s expertise provides critical data to our customers

Customer Excellence

  • Fully trained field based engineers, local to your area to ensure operational efficiency
  • Highly trained Vine Customer Support team to offer assistance as needed
  • Vine is fully committed to retaining a full UK and local presence to manage cultural requirements
  • Our local teams have full integration with our highly robust centralised infrastructure